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Our coffee, first of all

Strong, black, hot and, above all, NeapolitanThe unmistakable aroma of what we call O’ Cafè‘, can be found throughout the alleyways in Naples, on the beaches in Capri and even in the ancient city of Pompei.



Olive oil from Sorrento

The first historical reference to the production of olive oil on the Sorrentine Peninsula dates back to the Greek settlers when the ancient Greek inhabitants produced oil by crushing olives with rudimentary limestone mills.  The colonists would then pay homage to the Goddess Athena taking amphoras filled with olive oil produced in Sorrento to her Shrine in Punta Campanella.  Since then, olive oil has always been part of the Neapolitan tradition.



For the inquisitive palate

Savour a wide range of Italian delicacies and the classic Panini prepared with only the very best ingredients.

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The Italian

Food Experience

Our specialities will take your taste buds on a trip across Italy. From the breathtaking hills of Tuscany to the colourful streets of Venice; from the vibrant cafes in Rome to the sunscorched beaches in Sicily.

We serve authentic Italian and Neapolitan coffee, classic Panini filled with the best Italian ingredients, exquisite Parma Ham,  the world-famous Tuna from Cetara, a range of premium Italian Cheeses – from our delicately sweet Ricotta to our intensely flavoursome Parmesan and our mouth-watering Mozzarella di Bufala.

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We constantly update our selection of the best food from Italy:

we bring it to Bristol so you can take it home

A wide range of Pasta, the world-famous Cetara Tuna , Fragrant Olive Oil from Sorrento, classic Pasta Sauces, authentic Mozzarella di Bufala and lots more.

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